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Myspace was still a big deal. Youtube just was a toddler. Facebook was still closed to everyone but a relative few. In Decatur, a CMO of a local hospital provided a challenge and a budget. And just like that, Broadcast Atlanta was born.

Our start was producing webshows around sustainability and economic development. We sponsored the first ever Decatur Book Festival, Sustainable Atlanta, Families First, and more community events than we could count.

We have focused our cameras on politicians, business leaders, celebrity chefs, musicians and power brokers.

We threw an amazing party with 900 audience members at a midtown nightclub (thanks Coca Cola). From there we grew to produce video and photography content for more than 100 clients in more than 10 countries.

Jonathan Greenhill and Amb. Andrew Young

Broadcast Atlanta's Jonathan Greenhill with Amb. Andrew Young (Nov '23)

Atlanta and Prague are home base but our clients are nearly everywhere. Today we provide remote photo and video editing in addition to custom productions for agencies, organizations and governments.

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