30 Days of _________? DC NOV 2020

Join us on our residency in Washington DC in November as we document with photos and film an historic election.

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Broadcast Atlanta provides professional video and photography services for brands and organizations.

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Staying active with our Covid Diary

We are capturing iconic imagery of this unique time.
Images available for inclusion in your crisis communication campaigns.


Pictured: Owner of Anis Cafe & Bistro in Buckhead Wednesday, April 29, 2020





Pictured: Anis Cafe & Bistro in Buckhead 





Pictured: International University Student at CDC headquarters on Clifton Road April 27, 2020





Pictured: Waffle House Pharr Road / Piedmont Ave April 29, 2020 





Pictured: Tattletales April 27, 2020





Pictured: Entrance to Plaza Fiesta Buford Hwy April 25, 2020 





Pictured: Kitchen staff at Dave's Cosmic Subs Emory Village April 27, 2020 





Pictured: Panera Bread Emory Village April 27, 2020 

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